5 Reasons Why Business Leaders Shouldn’t Miss India’s Biggest Congress On Operational Excellence

Gain an edge by participating in the leading conference on Operational Excellence - 10th Annual Indizen 2019 (KAIZEN™ Congress India). Acquire networking opportunities and knowledge sessions with industry experts with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Share - Learn - Witness - Challenge!

Why do businesses need to implement operational excellence right now?

Research shows that more than 75% of strategies fail to deliver, essentially due to execution deficiencies.

Sound strategy must be met with efficient execution, in other words, organizations need Operational Excellence. More organizations today are investing in building capabilities that leads to a sustainable culture of Operational Excellence, to ensure that their strategic intent are realized.

What is operational excellence?

Operational Excellence enables businesses to make customers their focus, and establish an effective system to ensure that products and services are delivered on time, in full, error-free, each time and every time.

The requires a comprehensive effort to transform the team. The KCM - Kaizen Change Model is at the core of this transformation.

KCM is a sum of four abilities - Ability to manage Daily Routines, Driving significant Improvements, Engage Leaders and create a Supporting Environment.


10th Annual Indizen 2019 (KAIZEN™ Congress India)

10th Annual Indizen 2019 (KAIZEN™ Congress India) organized by Kaizen Institute, over the past decade, has come to become the quintessential annual global Operational Excellence convention, attracting 400+ business leaders and industry experts from India and abroad, 100+ leading global companies from over 15 industry segments participate and contribute.

Present in over 60 countries and over three decades of leadership in the domain, The Kaizen Institute has been at the helm of developing original knowledge, model and practices to drive Operational Excellence.

Indizen 2019 will see prominent industry experts and business leaders sharing knowledge and latest global trends across various industries in the ambit of Operational, Manufacturing and Business Excellence.

The objective of KAIZEN™ Congress is to showcase the power and relevance of OPEX and empower the OPEX community with strategies and opportunities to learn, see, share and get inspired.

This 10th edition of this global conference, Indizen 2019 (KAIZEN™ Congress India) is scheduled from 19th to 21st of February, 2019. It is set at Suzlon One Earth Campus, Pune, India, which is an inspiring venue.

Over these three days, the conference will feature over 40 professionals and industry experts who will share insights, case studies paired with KAIZEN™ Training programs and KAIZEN™ Benchmark Tours

Indizen 2019 is designed to be a significant platform for leaders in the Operational/Manufacturing Excellence domain.


Here’s how:

  • INTERACT with renowned motivational business leaders. The keynote speakers are established experts in their own fields, and renowned individuals such as Shekhar Ramamurthy (United Breweries), Suresh Mahadev (Flipkart), Ravi Damodaran (Greaves Cotton ltd.) , Summi Sharma (Indigo Airlines) and Gaur Gopal Das a globally renowned life coach and spiritual leader.

  • Seek out opportunities to network with various CXOs, Directors and National heads of leading enterprises in the fields of Manufacturing, Service, Operations, Production, Engineering, SCMs, and more.


  • LEARN from expert KAIZEN™ trainers, through the one-day workshop on Lean Basics, Leadership in Operational Excellence, and World Class Offices - ‘The KAIZEN™ Way’ which exposes you to improve your practical KAIZEN™ skills. The experience is packed to deliver techniques and opportunities to sharpen ones perspective on Operational Excellence.

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  • TOUR and witness how world-class companies deploy KAIZEN™ and see mechanics of KAIZEN™ in action with KAIZEN™ Benchmark Tours.

  • SHARE your experience by presenting your case studies and compete neck to neck at the KAIZEN™ National Case Competition 2019! These case studies will showcase how practicing Kaizen has helped improve operations across all functions and industry domains. (Last date to submit your Case Study for the competition is February 15th, 2019)

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  • GET NOTICED and Connect. Indizen 2019 offers multiple sponsorships opportunities. Boost your businesses’ presence by creating awareness and interest in your brand’s. The sponsorship opportunities are a gateway to improving media exposure and consequentially generating strong leads.

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    This year's Kaizen Congress 2019 is larger, better and an convention offering multi-disciplinary keynote speakers, coaching sessions and more.

    The current exceedingly competitive business environment offers a variety of challenges and Indizen 2019 is one more way to equip oneself with relevant skills, reboot one's motivation with relevant, accurate and comprehensive knowledge on OPEX.

    Indizen 2019 is your chance to explore, pick new capabilities and nurture the network for growth and enrichment!

    Find out more about your participation details. Visit https://www.kaizencongressindia.com/.

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