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Mahinda Saranapala

Director / Chief Executive Officer
Kelani Cables Plc

Director / Chief Executive Officer, Kelani Cables Plc., from April 2011 to date. Within a period of 8+ years many changes were done and today the company is a strong, vibrant, and dynamic Cable manufacturer with an annual top line exceeding of Rs 8 Billion. Topline of 50 BN + growth during the last 8 years, it is a 158% growth over the previous 8 years (2004-2011 top line is 19.6 Bn)

He was a first to implement 5S concepts in a private company in Sri Lanka way back in 1989. Provided expertise to implement 5S/Kaizen in 65 companies and enhanced their productivity.

Twelve of his clients won several national competitions including, 5S Gold award, Kaizen gold award, National productivity awards etc.

JASTECA recognized him with a special award in 2013 at the annual awards nite and the citation read ‘This citation is presented to “Mahinda Saranapala immediate Past President Japan Sri Lanka Technical & Cultural Association (JASTECA) in appreciation of his contribution to the growth & development of JASTECA and initiating the implementation of the 5S concept and for his devotion and continuing efforts to promote & propagate 5S in Sri Lanka”.

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