Price Table


The pricing options are customised to three packages to ensure convenience to be at the event. Each of the packages are designed based on our attendees’ interests and requests. Have your pick of the most suitable access pass!

Cancellations and Refund Policy

If you should wish to cancel your participation, please inform our organiser office in writing:

Kaizen Institute India Pvt Ltd

Case 1: In the event of cancellations up to and including 15.01.2019, the full amount of your participation fee, minus a processing fee amounting to 2000 INR, is returned to you.

Case 2: In the event of a cancellation after the 15.01.2019 and including 30.01.2019, a cancellation fee amounting to 50% of the booked services will be charged or deducted from the refund sum.

Case 3: We ask for your understanding that, in the event of cancellations that reach us after 30.01.2019, no refund is given for the participation fees and any further services that have already been booked.

The date of receipt of the written cancellation at the congress office is decisive.

All bookings are binding. Amendments and cancellations must be made in writing. Verbal agreements are not binding in so far as they have not been confirmed in writing by Kaizen Institute India Pvt Ltd.

NOTE 1: The cancellations and refund policies apply to sponsor on the exact same cases. The change in cancellation policy is purely under the discretion of organiser Kaizen Institute India Pvt Ltd

NOTE 2: Full refund of tickets and sponsorship will be processed only under circumstance of event being cancelled by the organiser. The organiser is not liable for any other expenses apart from what is paid to Kaizen Institute

NOTE 3: Due to natural calamities the event gets cancelled there will be no refunds incurred by the organiser

Transfer Policy

Substitute participants are only accepted for a processing fee of INR 2000 and before cancellation of the booking. Bank fees for chargebacks are borne by the participant.

Note: Kaizen Institute India keeps all the rights of transfer of tickets.

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